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„During voting, it used to be necessary to be present in person or vote by means of correspondence so that secrecy and validity of voting were provided. It is not necessary today! You can safely vote from the comfort of your study, while on business trip or from your home."Pavel Hozák, company director

With gReception VOTING, you can carry out these types of voting:


  • Online voting – It is carried out online, within the bounds of a published term. First of all, you prepare the voting questions, set the parameters (quorum, criterion for adopting, who is entitled to vote, etc.). Subsequently, you invite the voters and launch voting. When voting finishes, you just print the protocol of results of voting or export data to Excel.
  • Online elections – Choosing from the list of candidates with the possibility to reduce the number of votes of a voter, number of voted positions; the score sheet is divided into three parts – elected, met the selection criterion (substitutes) and did not meet the criteria.

Mandatory personal data protection is provided in accordance with Act No. 110/2019 Coll and GDPR requirements. Bulk mailing is used for sending calls for vote with the minimization of emails going to the spam folder.


It takes place in real time at a meeting or session. Firstly, you prepare questions for voting, set parameters (quorum, criterion for adoption etc.). When voting is launched, the application will lead you question by question.

Available modes:

  • The total numbers of for and against votes
  • The total numbers of votes from authorized voters (it is possible to set a quorum)
  • Roll-call vote (it is possible to set a quorum and various weights of votes)

Client zone:

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Looking closely at the gReception VOTING application


Our references:

  • Eva Ponocná„With the gReception Voting, we offer 165 organizational units of the ČLS JEP a comfort system for running elections of their boards in an easy, safe and effective way. We value also the significant savings and facilitating the work of election committees.“
    Eva Ponocná, Česká lékařská společnost J. E. Purkyně
    Assoc. Prof. Ivan Minčík, MD, PhD„Based on our experience, we consider the electronic voting system gReception Voting as the best option for any kind of voting or elections. In the Slovak Urological Society, we plan to use the convenient and safe gReception system again in the future.“
    Assoc. Prof. Ivan Minčík, MD, PhD
  • PhDr.Martina Pfeiferová„We were satisfied with how easily the on-line elections were held. The voters appreciated the clarity and speed, and the electoral committee valued the high security.“
    PhDr.Martina Pfeiferová
    Assoc. Prof. Ivan Minčík, MD, PhD„Thanks to the functionality and smooth operation of the gReception, the election was attended by considerably higher numbers of voters than in the past. Based on this, we recommended to implement the online election principle for all other medical professional associations in the Slovak Medical Association as well.“
    Assoc. Prof. Ivan Minčík, MD, PhD
  • Ing. Irena Krumlová„We decided to go with the new trends, and the elections of the committee were done through the electronic voting. The online elections via gReception Voting went smoothly and we were satisfied.“
    Ing. Irena Krumlová, CSBMB
    Eva Ponocná„ČLS JEP serves 165 medical professional associations with about 30 elections every year. A transition to an electronic voting system was therefore a priority. Thanks to the on-line gReception Voting system we have managed to implement all successfully.“
    Eva Ponocná, Česká lékařská společnost J. E. Purkyně